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Physical Therapy services include orthopedics, post surgical rehab, sports medicine, auto accidents, women’s health, spinal rehab, balance and gait training, and neurological care.

Performance Therapy has an emphasis on helping you achieve improvement in sport and recreational activities.  It includes our ACL prevention program, improving the throwing shoulder stability and mobility, assisting patients with mobility exercises as required for high level performance such as crossfit, and improving running mechanics.

The evaluation is performed to recognize and highlight areas of imbalances contributing to injuries, along with identifying potential problems before they exist. The evaluation is used as a means of prevention, and also to maximize each individual’s movement potential.

Internships and observation opportunities are available to students who are completing courses of study in the health and wellness field including – Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, and Exercise Physiology.  We value the ability to contribute to the future of the profession.

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